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A girls large brown eyes watched a woman through the glass.  Her dark hair french braided into neat rows, her dark eyes large and narrowed in suspicion.  Her head tilted in slight curiousity, and a slight smile on her face.  No older than 5, her head was held in a slightly arrogant manner, shoulders set as she observed from her place behind the glass.  Right now, the woman could not see her.  She saw her same shade of brown skin, high cheek bones but without the sign of a smile.  The womans face was bright, but not bright enough.  The smile she gave to the strangers didn't reach her eyes.  The young deviant saw all of this and stood by the door as the woman seemed to notice her.  The woman regarded her with slightly surprised eyes for a moment, running her fingers through her thick short cut hair.  The young one motioned towards the door, inviting her in.  Everything around her had paused, as if holding it's breath.  Waiting for her to enter; Insisting that she enter.  She could do nothing but oblige.  She entered the room

"Hello.  Hi." the young girl smiled widely, in a truly friendly fashion.  The woman smiled weakly in return, slightly shocked and amused by the innocence of youth.
 "H-hello.  How are you?" the elder female asked politely, bending to meet the childs eyes more directly.  The girl returned the gaze, smile seemingly permanent.
"I'm fine.  My name is Ebony.  Who are you?  I'm from New York!  I really like it there, I get to play double dutch." she blurted without pause.  The womans mouth hung open.
"I..I'm." she closed her mouth, her throat suddenly full. "I'm Naomi.  New York is a nice place, I like it there too."  Ebony smiled and stuck her hand out to shake the womans hand.  Her hand was warm and sincere.
"I'm going to be a veterinarian when I grow up.  I want to make them happy.  What are you going to do?  Do you know?" she looked at Naomi almost knowingly.  "Do you?"

Naomi stood up, slightly taken aback by the childs forwardness.
"I...I want to be a veterinarian too.  It's been my dream since I was very young."
"I know I'm going to be a veterinarian.  My daddy wants me to be a lawyer, but lawyers are boring and they talk too much.  I don't talk THAT much.  I want to be around animals.  I like animals.  I'm going to have a lot of dogs.  I'm going to have a dalmation!  Their spots are very pretty!"

Naomi nodded, backing up towards the door.  Ebony continued smiling at her.
"So you do still remember?  You shouldn't forget.  You promised you wouldn't forget.  You don't want to work for the rest of your life right?  You want to make money and make all the animals happy, right?  Don't forget me, I'm still watching you from this side." she smiled and pushed Naomi out of the room, waving at Naomi from the window.

'Go.' she mouthed and shooed her away.


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I'm just a girl who likes to try a bit of everything. I am a writer. I am a blogger. I am a friend. I am an artist. I am a lover. Talk to me, you'll only like it when I bite. :3


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Stunning. You inspire me. Your works are stunning, lovely, and just a pleasure to see. Im a big fan of your artwork. I would probably share a lovely song to you to return the favour. [link]
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